Edgeband USA Edgeband Pre-Glued Alder 7/8″

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The durable timber obtained from Alder has been utilised for many purposes over time, varying from the manufacture of traditional clogs to reportedly being used for the piles supporting the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

Most logs, from a decorative veneer production point of view, are of inferior quality, even the better ones displaying features that with other veneers might be considered undesirable. However, some of these defects in appearance, give the wood its character and have contributed to its use as a furniture veneer, particularly for kitchens and bedrooms. US Alder is a dark pink colour.

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Brand Edgeband USA
Product Type Edgeband
Application Pre-Glued
Veneer Alder
Width 7/8"
Length 250'
Thickness 0.5mm