Edgeband USA Real Wood Edgeband Hickory 7/8″

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There are fifteen different species of Hickory, around five of which are considered to be of commercial importance as true Hickories, two others being known as Pecan. All five are similar in appearance and tend to marketed simply as Hickory. Colour is generally a creamy biscuit to light brown usually with very fine, slightly darker lines.

The lighter coloured sapwood is not trimmed away making a bi-coloured Calico that is in high demad. The timber is well known for its outstanding properties and the veneer, although better known in the USA, is a fine choice for both furniture and interior decoration (doors, panelling etc.). It is a very heavy veneer and full of character.

Some trees are full of black marks and when sliced into veneer highly decorative and known as pecky pecan. While the black marks look as if birds have pecked away at the timber the actual cause is undetermined.

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Brand Edgeband USA
Product Type Real Wood Edgeband
Veneer Hickory
Width 7/8"
Length 328'
Thickness 1mm