Edgeband USA Edgeband Beech 7/8″

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In order to produce White Beech veneer, the trees must be felled in the winter months when the sap is not rising. The logs are then sliced and uncooked as soon as possible to avoid any discolouration occurring.

One difficulty often encountered with White Beech however, is its translucency which may necessitate prior underveneering. For steamed Beech veneer, the logs are cooked in the usual way and this changes the colour to a light pink to pinky brown. Large quantities of this veneer are consumed by all branches of the woodworking industry, and it is used extensively on furniture, doors, other interior joinery and for shopfitting.

Brown heart beech or Kern has become a more popular face grade veneer, previously it was more commonly used in the solid. Beech can also be fumed a teak like brown colour.

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Brand Edgeband USA
Product Type Edgeband
Veneer Beech
Width 7/8"
Length 328'
Thickness 1mm