Edgeband USA Real Wood Edgeband White Oak 7/8″

SKU: 140208

This very popular type of Oak is used for many purposes including furniture, doors, shop-fitting and other interior work. The colour range may be fairly broad, from a pale yellowy biscuit to mid brown, with the lighter shades generally being the most sought after.

The logs are often smaller in diameter than those of Red Oak and European Oak and are usually flat cut to produce as much crown veneer as possible. Good straight-grained material is achieved by rift cutting selected larger logs. Logs are currently in short supply following the increase in demand for Bourbon Whiskey as oak barrels are needed for the ageing process.

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Brand Edgeband USA
Product Type Real Wood Edgeband
Veneer White Oak
Width 7/8"
Length 328'
Thickness 1mm