National C8053-4G Disc Tumbler Cylinder Cam Locks KA #413

SKU: 226058

For drawers, R.H. or L.H. doors with lipped/overlay construction (straight cam) or flush construction (formed cam). For overlay application, the combined thickness of front and frame cannot exceed the cylinder length

90° cam turn on all locks. Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.

Will key together with all other disc tumbler locks using D8785 key blank. See Catalog for available keying. Master keying to E41A using D8783 key blank

Supplied with two keys, trim washer, spur washer (for wood), mounting nut and one straight cam (M97010104) and one offset cam (M97030128). If flat washer (for metal) is needed, order C2015-2C separately. See page 22 on the Catalog

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Brand National Cabinet
Product Type Disc Tumbler Cylinder Cam Locks
Finish Antique Brass
Mounting Type Lipped/Overlay or Flush
Cylinder Length 1-3/16"
Key Type #413
Max Material Thickness 7/8"
KA Codes 6