Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion 563 Vertical Mount Locking Device with Side-To-Side Adjustment

Concealed runner made in the USA with domestic and European components. Build custom solutions that allow you to get the most out of your space. TANDEM glides are versatile, making a solution for a range of storage needs from deep and wide drawers, specialized pantry storage to custom corner options. Since the runners are concealed under the drawer, they never interfere with style or design.   For use with narrow drawers, one right and one left required per drawer, with 563 series runners only. Maximum dynamic load capacity of 25 lb. Self-adjusting drawer length tolerance. Vertical mount, two-piece nylon. Minimum inside drawer width 95 (3-3/4in), height adjustment positive 3 (1/8in) and a minimum sub-front thickness of 16 (5/8in). Designed for 13 (1/2in) drawer bottom recess. 108558 – Left clip 108559 – Right clip


Brand Blum
Product Type Locking Device