Sawstop Table Saw Brake Cartridge For 10″ Blades (Blue)

SKU: 147110

The Standard Brake Cartridge stops the spinning blade on contact with skin reducing the chances of a catastrophic injury. It is compatible with all standard 10″ blades on SawStop saws. The locking key allows the user to quickly and easily switch between the Standard Brake Cartridge and Dado Brake Cartridge when making standard or dado cuts.

Revolutionary Safety Protection: Microprocessor-The lightning fast microprocessor is always sensing for a drop in the voltage coming from the blade. It activates the safety system within 5 milliseconds once it detects contact with skin.

R232 Port-The RS232 port plugs the brake cartridge into the saw sending the signal to the blade. It is the interface between the microprocessor and the saw.

Debris Shield-The mylar debris shield insulates the aluminum brake from metal particles. It helps avoid triggering an activation when cutting through nails, staples or screws.

Heavy Duty Spring-As soon as that microprocessor senses the drop in voltage, it sends a surge of electricity through a fuse wire that holds the spring in place. The heavy-duty spring is held under 150 pounds of pressure, and it pushes the aluminum block into the path of the blade stopping it within 5 milliseconds.

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Brand Sawstop
Product Type Table Saw Brake Cartridge
Manufacturers SKU TSBC-10R3